Lyssa's home from the hospital.

09 October 2009

Lyssa's home from the hospital and recovering in the next room.

Her surgery was scheduled for 1400 EST5EDT today at a surgicenter just down the street from the specialist she went to yesterday. There was a bit of a mishap on the way to the car this afternoon because our apartment complex is berift of accessibility features for the handicapped. Lyssa fell again on the sidewalk, though it seemed that the thermoplastic fitted splint took the brunt of the shock. All things considered, however, the surgery itself took a little over two hours. Grant and I spent some time with her in prep before they wheeled her back to the operating theatre and then retired to our favorite deli for lunch. Under the circumstances, all we could really do was wait. As it turned out, her achilles tendon had been completely bisected; the surgeon also commented on the tightness and development of her calf muscles. It's unusual for someone so young to have such developed lower leg muscles, as it turns out.

Lyssa's looking at six to eight weeks in a sectional cast, followed by six months in a splint/brace and physical therapy to regain mobility. I see no reason why she would not make a complete recovery. She's laying on the couch at the moment with her leg elevated while the anesthetic finishes wearing off.