Update on Lyssa.

In a nutshell: Lyssa's achilles tendon is indeed compromised.

She woke me up around 0600 EST5EDT this morning complaining about the pain in her ankle. After we took our turns in the shower (and let me tell you, trying to maneuver in an apartment-sized bathroom on crutches is no walk in the park) I re-did the splint on her leg and helped her get dressed. Somehow she managed to get an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon shortly after 0900 EST5EDT today (she always was the social engineer of the family), and a consultation confirmed our fears: her achilles tendon is ruptured and will need to be repaired. She goes in for surgery tomorrow afternoon at 1400 EST5EDT. She's looking at six to eight weeks on crutches and physical therapy after that to regain mobility.

I'll post more as things develop.