So much for a night on the town...

08 October 2009

A couple of weeks ago, Lyssa and I bought a couple of tickets to see the Australian Pink Floyd Show, a world-renowned Pink Floyd cover band that is widely considered to be the closest you can come without actually seeing PF live. Unfortunately, Laurelinde had to back out at the last minute due to a scheduling conflict, so Kash drove down from the vicinity of Baltimore to join us tonight. I got home from work a little later than usual so after changing clothes and filling out my daily timesheet the three of us hit the local deli for a quick dinner and then got on the road for downtown DC to go to the Warner Theater.

I'll skip the part about the excitement and adventure; suffice it to say that there are most definitely parts of DC that I'll not be returning to anytime soon without a contingent to watch my back. I'm pretty sure that the TARDIS' body took the hit.

Fast forward to the parking garage just down the street from the Warner Theate on the edge of what passes for DC's Chinatown. We paid our way in and picked our way down the claustrophobically tight passageways that DC garages are famous for, parked, and got out. Lyssa didn't see the step down in front of the elevator and fell headlong. Long story short, she was barely able to walk, her ankle was swelling rapidly, and I've never seen her in that much pain before. Kash flagged down a security guard who then helped us get her back to the car, got our parking fee back, and pointed us in the direction of home and the emergency room.

Two hours in the waiting room later revealed that, in all probability, Lyssa had ruptured the achilles tendon of her left leg. A physical examination revealed that her mobility is compromised (she failed the Thompson test) and will probably have to go in for surgery (albeit outpatient surgery) in the very near future, followed by several months of physical therapy. I'm writing this update from the all night pharmacy while her prescriptions are filled. If anybody would like to assist remotely, here is targeting information that you can use: