Life is so much more interesting when you don't get any REM sleep!

It’s a sure sign that you’re trying to accomplish too much when you start forsaking sleep for other things. Lately, work has been running me ragged so to compensate I haven’t posted (or been writing) for a couple of days. To keep from overrunning myself I’ve been reworking a couple of electronics projects in my spare time and discovered in the process that the circuit diagrams I’ve been working from, simply put, won’t work as advertised. Thankfully, the principles they were supposedly based upon are sound so I broke out the data sheets and set to re-engineering them. It was around the end of last week that I came down with a cold which knocked me flat for a while and I spent last weekend sleeping and trying to shake the little beastie. The way I figure it, I’d rather get sick now and have no trouble for the rest of the year than possibly wind up where I was early last year.

Last Sunday I made it to Jade’s housewarming party for a couple of hours and had a great time talking with some folks whom I haven’t seen in a while. Jason and I spent some time discussing applied metaphysics with Sarah, which was an enlightening hour because it reminded me to never take one’s background or training for granted because not everyone is into the same things. Heron61 and his family are in town for a couple of days so I got to spend some time with them for the first time in a long while. Heron, Amberite, and I somehow wound up discussing temporal mechanics, and I’d all but forgotten how much I missed doing so. When you work the day-in-day-out grind in the data center you have to put some things aside to get anything accomplished; remembering to pick them up again later is a different matter entirely. Teaotter took the opportunity to inflict the song Still Alive from the game Portal. It’s a wonderfully demented ditty that sticks in your head for days and days...

Especially when you can’t sleep. For reasons as yet unknown to me, my body went into one of its periodic fits of insomnia, meaning that I got about eight hours of sleep over a period of three days. Just enough sleep so that I wasn’t really nodding off, but certainly not enough REM sleep to even approximate a sapient being. My long-term memory had turned to Swiss cheese, and whatever fine motor skills I possessed packed up and went on vacation to Tahiti for a while. Also, and this is the bit that I still puzzle over, the whole world gets really bright, really shiny, and really, really interesting. The sound of running water is more than enough to touch off a good approximation of a fugue state, and coupled with a slight touch of sound/vision synaesthesia (which I normally possess anyway) I can entertain myself for hours. After I got home last night I collapsed into bed and slept until 2200 EST5EDT (approximately), at which time Lyssa and I had to run a few last minute errands. We shared a late-night snack and then I attempted to go back to bed, only to discover that I wasn’t actually able to get back to sleep. So I decided to kill a few hours by reading a book that I just got in the mail called Against A Diamond Sky, which is a volume of novellas set in and inspired by the shared literary universe called Orion’s Arm. If you’re not already familiar with the Orion’s Arm mythos, chances are you’ll be a little lost because the stories seem to assume at least a passing familiarity with the setting but a glance at the primer would certainly help.

After I wrap a few things up at homed I’m going to start packing for the trip back to Pittsburgh tomorrow morning. Seele and Justin are getting married this weekend and I’ll be officiating over the ceremony. This means that I have to get a suit together (and not one of my anachronistic numbers, nor the latest cognitive hazard added to my collection), print out the ceremony and go over it again, pack for a three day trip, find my camera, figure out what hotel Lyssa and I are booked at so I can plot a course… and, of course, I have pictures of a (now deceased) hamster, pictures from at least one concert, a bunch of news articles that I wanted to write about, and some videos that I wanted to put up here.

What can I say? Life has been highly interesting lately, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.