First Rantmeets to be held, 4 September 2009.

01 September 2009

This has been in the works for a while but it’s been made official by Sean Kennedy and Cimmerian of Rantmedia: the first Rantmeets, monthly gatherings of fans of Rant Radio, their original media projects, and the antics of Sean and Cim will begin in September, the first being held around the world this upcoming Friday, 4 September 2009. Every month thereafter Rantmeets will be held on the first Friday of every month.

The first Rantmeet in northern Virginia will be held at Stacy’s Coffee Parlor in Falls Church at 1800 EST5EDT (6:00pm). I don’t have anything in particular planned, just a get together to drink coffee, geek out, and have a good time. Bring your laptop, bring your cold storage media, bring a game or two, and bring your kit. If anyone’s interested I can do a talk on whole disk encryption or something along those lines. I also might have some HacDC swag on me.

For more information, please keep an eye on the Rant Radio Forums.

Spread the word, and see you there.