New Cruxshadows video: Immortal

The Cruxshadows have just released a music video for the song Immortal in their infrequent podcast, and I think it’s well worth the time to watch it even if you’re not a fan. While the Cruxshadows don’t seem to have gotten much videoplay (you’ll have to get a copy of Shadowbox to catch most of them, or you can just search Youtube), they do tell a good story with their videography. They’re working the black op angle again but with a decidedly transhumanist (or perhaps technomagickal) twist – the use of augmented reality overlays in the visuals is a nice touch and the CG adds to the imagery rather than replacing it.

I don’t want to give away too much but it’s a fun four minutes and thirty-two seconds.

If you want to download the video for your personal collection, plug the following URL into your download manager of choice (not a hyperlink to keep from slashdotting their web server):

EDIT: If you want to read some of the reversed text in the video use your video player to mirror the video about the Y axis. I did it with mplayer like so: gmplayer -vf mirror=on ~/video/