Aaaaaaannnnd.... we're back!

16 June 2009

After much deliberation I’ve finally gotten around to upgrading my website to the latest version of the software, and while I was at it I decided to change the default appearance to something a little less busy.. which basically means that I played around with CSS until I happened across something that I like but which will probably cause everyone else to run screaming.

I know things are a little broken right now, I’m still sorting them out. I hope you like it.

The locations of the RSS and ATOM feeds have changed, so if you read this site in an aggregator of some kind or you’re kind enough to syndicate it for me, the new URL are:


Yes, I know that the first post is grey but the rest are white (and a little bit easier to read).  I need to figure out how that happened and fix it.

If you were a registered visitor, you’ll have to re-register, unfortunately. The upgrade didn’t migrate those settings.

By the bye.. if anyone notices anything broken, please leave a comment under this post and I’ll fix it.