Two new stores in NOVA.

26 April 2009

While wandering around northern Virginia recently, Lyssa and I happened across a couple of new stores that could really use patronage as well as suggestions if they're going to take off. The first is a little pagan-type store on Route 50 west called Sticks and Stones (9970 Main Street; Fairfax, VA; 22031; phone 703-352-2343) which opened its doors just a week ago. Their selection's not bad for a brand new shop - a little thin on books but they have a good selection of practical materials and good prices all around. They're taking suggestions for things to stock and classes to hold, so if you stop in feel free to strike up a conversation with the shopkeeper, she's really nice. They're focused on supporting the local community, and purchase as little as they can from the big suppliers in favor of things crafted by people who live in their community. I know that Orthaevelve is going to start selling some of her work through Sticks and Stones (she's an awesome gemcutter, and has made most of the stuff that Lyssa and I wear these days) and a few of us were kicking around ideas for classes to hold at the store. If this is your sort of thing, stop by and pay their shop a visit.

The other place we found yesterday is an anime and manga outlet in Chantilly called Anime World (13881-F Metrotech Drive; Chantilly, VA; 20151; phone 703-817-0550; fax 703-817-9777). Specifically, it's in the big shopping complex next door to the Marine Corps' recruitment office. Their store's kind of small and just opened a few weeks ago, so if you're expecting to kit yourself out for cosplay in one fell swoop that's not going to happen, but they do have a lot of very new stuff on the shelves (mostly DVDs). They also rent DVDs so if you're curious about a new series but don't want to buy a DVD on speculation (or don't feel like tracking down fansubs on BitTorrent). While they're just opened they're doing a good job but need to advertise more, so if anime or manga are your thing, and you find yourself in NOVA, stop in and pay them a visit.