I should really find something interesting to write about one of these days.

02 March 2009

My bronchitis appears to be almost gone. I've finished the antibiotic carpet bombing of my lungs, and as a result I'm only occasionally coughing up things that I'll not describe to you for decency's sake. The deep, hacking cough that makes bystanders wonder if I should be put in an isolation chamber hasn't reared its gravelly head in twenty-four hours or therabouts, so I should be in the clear. I'm still kind of worn out from the combination of drugs I'm on so I haven't had much of anything to write lately which hasn't consisted of either bitching about falling ill or pointless, depressive ramblings that would give Marvin a run for his money.

It's started snowing in DC, and I'm rather looking forward to the change of scenery. I might snap a couple of pictures tomorrow morning after I get up.

I need to post something lest everyone think I gave up, so here's an update to my .plan file. The usual warnings apply.