Negotiations with my immune system appear to be going well.

I spent a good ten minutes marshalling my thoughts to write at least a semi-interesting post about the past couple of days but every time I start typing I can't seem to string six words together into a coherent sentence. To put it simply, sometime Wednesday morning the sick-to-my-head feeling turned into a full-blown cold that's had me running at reduced capacity all week. When you factor in running around to multiple sites for multiple meetings for work, I haven't had much energy left after the fact. Since then my days were fueled with Sudafed PE and espresso and my nights spent sniffling, blowing my nose, and sleeping. Consequently, I haven't been getting a whole lot of anything accomplished lately.

A couple of dozen pictures have piled up on my digital cemera which I'll probably get around to posting tomorrow.

This morning I got up early enough to get my car to the dealership for 55k mile maintenance (only 5k left on the warranty - is four years of driving around about right?); the couple of hours of downtime I had were spent working on a project for work. Around noon I realized that a breakfast sandwich (say what you want about Starbucks, their breakfasts are pretty tasty) and a couple of cups of coffee weren't going to get me through the entire day because repairs were taking longer than expected (brakes, fuel system, and replacement of the water pump) so I made a couple of phone calls. Hasufin and Lyssa, who were out running errands, picked me up at the car dealership and we headed into Fairfax to pick up a couple of pieces of pottery that Lyssa and Laurelinde had painted for her bachelorette's party and then we met up with Jade for lunch at a Thai place the name of which I don't recall off the top of my head.

I'll get around to writing a review of it later. I've got a takeout menu in one of my pockets.

Hasufin had to head home early but Jade was kind enough to drop me off at the bank to get a couple of cheques deposited and then drove Lyssa and I to the dealership so that I could pick my car up. After that we ran to Whole Paycheque to pick up a couple of things for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow. I started to slow down shortly after we got to the store, and once we got back home I fell asleep on the couch for a couple of hours. At one point I got up and went to bed for a while, only to get up shortly before 2000 local time.

Good sense says that I should go to bed soon. I might get around to listening.