RepRap Build-A-Thon at HacDC, 24-25 January 2009.

08 January 2009

Please distribute widely!

On 24 and 25 January 2008, HacDC, a hacker space located in Washington, DC will be holding a RepRap build-a-thon in conjunction with the Baltimore RepRap User's Group. The build-a-thon starts at 10:00am EST5EDT on Saturday and will run until 3:00pm EST5EDT Sunday.

The RepRap is an open source rapid prototyper which is unusual in two ways: first, it is affordable for the home hobbyist to both construct and operate (typically, it costs $500us to build a RepRap from scrach, compared to the $49,000+ that industrial rapid prototypers cost). Second, the RepRap is capable of reproducing its unique components. Much of the RepRap you can purchase at your corner hardware store for a couple of dollars American. The specialized electronics - microcontrollers, interfaces, and what have you - may be bought on the open market in pre-assembled form for approximately $100us. The rest may be generated in a matter of hours using freely available blueprints.

HacDC has a variety of activities planned for this weekend, including microcontrollers, desktop manufacturing, 3D modelling, and even the hands-on construction of a model "Darwin" using laser cut acrylic components. There will also probably be smaller breakout sessions throughout the weekend.

A number of RepRap builders will be present with their machines to demo their operation as well as answer questions.

If you're interested in open source software, hardware hacking, rapid prototyping, microcontrollers, robotics, or you're just curious, please stop by the space and join us. We welcome visitors of all skill levels and interests; if you've a mind to, roll your sleeves up and pitch in. If you're a journalist or blogger who wants to cover the event, you're also welcome to do so.

For more information, please contact Brian Dolge of the Baltimore RepRap User's Group (briandolge at yahoo dot com) or visit the HacDC website.

Please distribute widely!