Election Night 2008!

I took off from work early today to head to the polls - it's election day once again, and the stakes are the highest they've been in years. Much to my surprise, I had no trouble casting my ballot at all - if one takes finding a parking space in DC at the drop of a hat as an omen, then this was a pretty good one. I was half expecting to be turned away because I wasn't registered or on a technicality of some kind (like wearing my VOTE SAXON button), but I breezed right in without trouble. There were no lines at my usual polling place, either - Norfolk, for example, has reported that people have been standing in line for seven (7) hours to vote. I also didn't see any signs of shadiness while I was there - stories of shenagins are flying fast and furious but apparently nobody tried to pull anything in my neighborhood, or if they did they were caught so fast that nobody noticed. While there were a few electronic voting machines set up, we were lead to temporary booths and given dead tree Scantron ballots and ballpoint pens. Fill in the little bubble, walk to the scanner, and feed your ballot into the slot. Simple as that.

I did notice one interesting thing, though - on the tops of the ballot scanners are small flip-back hatches with small disc locks holding them closed. More's the point, the hatch on the one I visited was partially ajar. A surreptitious jiggle with a thumbnail showed that the panel was held closed from below though whoever closed it did a lousy job. I wasn't able to take a photograph of it to add to the data points which will no doubt be used as media weapons on both sides because my smartcam's power cell is dead.

Anyway, it's still early in the night. I'll probably pop in periodically to post updates.

Buckle your seatbelts.