The clock keeps ticking.

This past weekend was the annual autumn celebration over at Hasufin and Mika's place, a get-together in which we get together to enjoy the coming of fall.. or whatever passes for it in the DC metroplex. Unlike Pennsylvania, in which Halloween costumes are often designed with wet weather insulation in mind, autumn doesn't actually arrive until the final week of October or therabouts. It tends to stay pretty warm down here right up until the end.

In other words, temperatures in the 70's and 80's right up until Samhain, which is usually in the neighborhood of thirty degrees Fahrenheit, where the weather will stay until March or April. In other words, "real autumn" sneaks up on you like a ninja in the night and practically strips the flesh from your bones.

At any rate it was a picture-perfect day for grilling various and sundry portions of dead critter over charcoal, setting up Orthaevelve's portable fire pit, and burning all the scrap wood which had accumulated in the backyard during the previous year. In fact, much of the afternoon was spent feeding wood into the fire, cutting wood, chopping wood, or hauling wood. Near the end of the night, as the pile of scrap was all but gone, Hasufin decided to try one of his heavier swords against some of the dead bushes in the back yard, an effort which acquired for us more fuel to throw into the pit. Most of our time lately has been a last minute scramble to get stuff done for the wedding. Lyssa and I have finally gotten what we need to make the gifts for the bride's and groom's parties, we just have to put them together. We've also found the unity candles that we're going to use and picked up a set of spares so that we can practice and not set anything on fire by accident. So far as is known all of the parts of my tuxedo are in (modulo my first choice f a waistcoat, which is probably going to remain out of stock for the forseeable future). On the other hand, I need to make a cravat pin, and in fact I need to figure out how one goes about tying a cravat; looks like I'll have to hit Instructables or search my Firefox Scrapbook on Windbringer to see what's out there. I'll need to make a cravat pin, also. The hotel reservations are made, our travel arrangements are set, and now it's all details.

By the bye, we might need help picking people up from the airport so that they can get to their respective hotels. If you'll be at the wedding and wish to assist, please leave a comment to this post and we'll figure something out.

Last night, after another brief adventure in DC roadway travel I somehow blundered my way back to America's Best to pick up my new eyeglasses - they're a major stylistic departure for me (though they aren't pince-nez, sadly). I'll take a picture or two tonight and post it. Unfortunately, the disposable contact lenses haven't arrived yet. In fact, they aren't actually the toric lenses that are designed to compensate for astigmatism, which shouldn't be terribly surprising because it was discovered last night when they searched my
records that none of my contacts have been toric lenses. Ever.

Go figure. They work well enough.

As the work-week started, Lyssa took it upon herself to dismantle the old entertainment center, doing everything from disconnecting the electronics to breaking the pressboard apart to make it easier to cart out to the dumpster. In fact, "breaking it apart" is fairly apt. Lyssa says that once she got the top of the console taken off, the rest fell apart with a gentle push against the back. Don't ask me how it held together for so long, I have no idea. Once we'd freed up the floor space (easily twice that of one of our bookcases) I ran the sweeper in that area for the first time since we'd moved in and set about putting together the new entertainment center, which was bought for us by Grant and Katie.

Some weeks ago, a glass votive candle holder apparently exploded in Lyssa's hands and showered an entire corner of the living room with shards of broken glass. Up until two days ago, I thought that we'd picked up all of the big ones and vacuumed up the rest. Shortly after assembling the new entertainment center I discovered one of the pieces that the vacuum didn't pick up the old-fashioned way: by stepping on it. After hobbling to the bathroom and fumbling at the eensy sliver with my fingernails, I was fairly certain that I'd gotten most of it dislodged, but a persistant pain in the sole of my left foot makes me suspect otherwise. Note to self: get that checked out before the wedding.

Yesterday morning one of our wedding gifts, a 40 inch LCD flatpanel television manufactured by Sony arrived with a team to set it up. The night before I'd assembled the non-redundant pieces of hardware from the entertainment center (the DVD player, one of the VCRs, the Playstation II, a few other things) and cabled them such that they could be easily connected as required so things were ready to go for the nebulous time that the Best Buy Geek Squad would arrive. By the time I got home last night everything had been plugged in, powered up, tested, and ready to go. Of course, we had to give it a try last night, and I discovered that Iron Man really does look better on a modern television. I was surprised not a few times by the contrast between the characters in the foreground and the now extremely crisp backgrounds in every scene. I've been told by Lyssa that the replacement cable box (high-def, of course) has arrived and been plugged in, so I guess I'll get to see the difference when I get home tonight.

On top of everything else, I've just been told that 'lex and Marlise Pendragon are now parents. Baby Inara was born earlier today after the inducement of labor. She weighed in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces at birth, and is 20 1/2 inches long.

Welcome to the world, little Inara.