UPDATED: Busy life, busy times, and Greene County redux.

Work and life's kept me too busy to post much lately, so I'm trying to play catch-up in between driving all over creation for work and finishing preparations for the wedding. To that end, I'll try to outline everything going on, not only so that I can square away everything going on inside my head, but possibly to help others in the future, should they find my website.

First off, Lyssa's bridal shower was yesterday afternoon. Her parents, sister, and aunt drove down from Pennsylvania to set up and cook for the party. Lyssa and I have been going bonkers all week cleaning up the apartment in stages to make it more or less presentable. This includes dusting, cleaning the floors, mopping the kitchen (and almost braining myself at least once in the process), and going through the library to find books that could be gotten rid of... to make room for the books that were brought back from the homestead as well as those which had been piling up on top of the already-shelved books for weeks. So that they could prep for the party, Lyssa and I had to clear out for a couple of hours. She and Laurelinde took off for parts unknown yesterday morning while Hausfin, Mika, and I.. well, also took off for parts unknown. Specifically, we visited the leather store that Hasufin buys his raw materials from, wandered around the farmer's market not too far away from same, and found ourselves having one of our "ray of sunshine" discussions in the car on the way home, this time on the topic of biological warfare.

Hey, when you live far enough away from the nation's capital that, in the event that something did happen all you'd have time to say was "Aw, shit." it's a reasonable topic of discussion. After dropping Mika off so that she could get ready for Lyssa's bridal shower, Hasufin and I headed out to Chantilly so that we could visit C&W Used Books (13888 Metro Tech Drive; Sully Place Shopping Center; Chantilly, Virginia; phone 703-968-7323) to drop off the trunkload of books that I was getting rid of... so that I could use the store credit to pick up a few more.

It seems completely counterproductive to trade books for books, and it is, economically speaking. When you consider the fact that I was actually trading up for storage space on the shelves, however, it's more reasonable. The down side is that they only took a couple of the texts I was getting rid of, probably five or six in fact. The rest were donated to Goodwill after lunch.

Due to the fact that Hasufin and I still had a couple of hours to kill, we drove to Maryland to visit the Crystal Fox to pick up a few things for the wedding, which is slightly under three weeks away as I write this post.

You know, I'm angry enough about what's going on that I'm going to skip over everything else that's been going on and cut right to the heart of the matter: Greene County, as I briefly stated earlier, fucked us over, which I'd sort of expected, to be honest.

A couple of weeks ago Lyssa and I had gone to Pennsylvania to get our wedding license, and to save time we'd gone to Greene County to apply for it because it was just a few miles away from where we were staying. They gave us a hard time in doing so because we were trying to get a self-uniting marriage licence but we aren't Amish, Quakers, or B'hai. In the end, they supposedly relented and issued us the license but we had to pick it up later because the state of Pennsylvania requires a three day delay between applying and getting the paperwork. Lyssa got her mother to drive by the court house before heading down here to get the license for us because we wanted to maximize the time we'd have before the ceremony. We discovered that the wedding license they issued is the standard, plain Jane Pennsylvania marriage license that has to be signed by the priest, pastor, or what have you. In short, it isn't the self-uniting license that we'd asked and paid for.

Neither of us are Catholic or Christian, which puts us in a bind. I can't and won't speak for Lyssa on this matter, but I have a problem with getting married in a church because that would require me to swear a false oath.

Lyssa and I have been talking and we've come up with a couple of workable backup plans for the legal aspect of the wedding. I've also spoken to 'lex Pendragon, who will be officiating, and run the early versions of our backup plans past him and he concurs with what Lyssa and I have in mind. 'lex also had some good ideas that he's working on as I write this. I've been making a few phone calls and doing some research, but it's Sunday afternoon so most everyone I could contact in a legal context is taking the day off. Given that I don't remember falling asleep last night and woke up after 1100 local time, I can't begrudge anyone a day off.

You're probably wondering why I havn't updated Lyssa yet with the new developments. She's out right now with her family; prior to writing this update I was out running errands, specifically dropping my tux off at the tailor's shop and picking up a few things for lunch for the week to come. I've tasked a couple of sub-processes in my midbrain with working on this problem, and after I get a workout (which I desperately need right now) I'll compile the information into something resembling a plan.

Failure is not an option.

Okay. I just finished working out and now that I've cleared my head I can write more coherently.

I other news, I've been trying to nurse one of my bettas back to health. The all-white betta's been ill with a skin infection of some kind that I haven't been able to halt the progress of after trying three different medications. What's more, it appears to have turned into hemorrhagic septicemia. While Hausfin and I were out yesterday I picked up another medication, but I don't know if it'll actually work.

I don't know why I'm fighting so hard to keep this fish alive. It's just a fish, right? A betta. Bettas in DC are notoriously sickly and tend to not last very long, a year at the outside even with the best of care. A betta's a living thing, however, and deserves a fighting chance at life, just like anything else that modern biology has decided to consider 'alive' for the moment.

I've never actually tried, as in 'gave it my all' when it comes to bettas. I don't know why.

So much has been happening lately that I feel as if I've drifted from my center, and everything's getting knocked out of whack as a result. Work has me driving all over the place, often with not a half-hour's notice, deadlines left and right, and I haven't even gotten the usual "here's what's going on" briefing. The wedding's coming up and there are still things that have to be worked out and set in motion. I haven't been sleeping much lately, either, which is probably why I don't remember going to bed at all last night. Lyssa says that I was practically sleep walking when she lead me to the bedroom last night.

Update: I've filled Lyssa in on the conversation that 'lex and I had, as well as what the others parts of my brain have to say, and she agrees that our backup plans are not only workable but agreeable.

We haven't even written the ceremony yet. I picked up Raven Kaldera's book of handfasting ceremonies while at the Crystal Fox yesterday. Lyssa and I are going to see if anything gives us any ideas for our own ceremony.