An old friend deployed by the Red Cross, and a humble request.

I've been trying to figure out how to write this post. I've tried the poetic way, the emotional way, and a few other tactics that just don't seem to work, so I'm going to go with the honest way:

An old friend of mine, Dee Mikula, is shipping out soon. She isn't in the military, but works as an EMT in Seattle and is registered with the Red Cross as a first responder in disaster situations. In 2004, she worked in central Florida during hurricane season, and on Tuesday, the ninth of September she's flying down to the Gulf to assist during the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav. Unfortunately, this means that she's taking three weeks of unpaid leave from her job which more or less leaves her without a source of income while in the field.

Ordinarily, I don't ask for stuff like this, but she's in a jam. She's asking for donations so that she can keep her rent and utilities paid while on duty, and to that end there's a Paypal account linked off of her homepage for donations.

I've known Dee for over a decade now, ever since I lived in Pittsburgh, so I'll vouch for her. She's trying to do some good in the world and she could use some help in doing so. If you can spare some money right now, please send it to her.

Dependent upon her connection to the global Net, she might be incommunicado while in the field. I'll post updates as I can (and as she gives permission, of course).