When windbreakers are too professional, along comes these.

Yeah, yeah, this is late. Work before blog and all that.

Last year bulletproof windbreakers hit the private security market, with all of the usual implications that personal protection brings. Now a company with the unusual name of Bladerunner has perfected bulletproof hooded sweatshirts that are supposedly proof against 9mm rounds. Called the L300 Defender, this hoodie combines teen fashion with a relatively new fiber called Dyneema, which is supposed to be thinner than the Kevlar thread used to manufacture bulletproof vests but just as strong. The inventor of the L300 and owner of Bladerunner, one Barry Samms, says that the easiest way to disguise the fact that one is wearing personal armor is to make it not look like armor at all. He does raise a valid point in saying that putting a zipper down the front of something designed to withstand shots from a handgun at close range compromises the protectiveness of the garment.

Once again, life imitates Cybergeneration. You can, too, assuming that it's legal for you to own one.

The L300 Defender is set to hit the market later this month with a starting price of 300£. Availability in the US is sketchy at this time.