So, you're probably wondering where I've been this week...

30 March 2008, work, and more work have been taking up most of my time. By that, I mean that I'm logging anywhere from ten to sixteen hours every day, six days a week on this project. I haven't forgotten about anyone, and I haven't given up, I've just been running myself ragged.

To those of you waiting on the Steampunk Traveler's Journal over at Brass Goggles, it hit the post yesterday, so keep an eye open.

Many of you are probably asking "What's been happening lately that isn't related to work?"... the answer to that question is "Not a great deal," I'm afraid.

Lyssa and I locked down a wedding date: 25 October 2008. We'll be getting married in Pennsylvania, but that's all the information that we can release right now because it's all in the planning stages.

Yesterday morning I called up Speakeasy to crank up my bandwidth to the next level (3.0 mbps down, 768 kbps up) but unfortunately there is 14,200 feet of cable between the Verizon central office and my apartment (I can see the former from my balcony, incidentally). This means that the signal attenuation is such that I can't get such bandwidth without dropping completely off the Net a couple of times every day, which is pretty much a show stopper. I could possibly run a cable modem link through my firewall and route connections down the appropriate links but I'll have to investigate the costs of doing so more thoroughly first.

What I have had time to do lately was go out with Lowmagnet, who happens to be in town this weekend to visit everyone. We met up at Teaism in Dupont Circle for dinner and tea last night, and spent the evening eating surprisingly tasty food for a DC teahouse (call it one and one-half flareguns, I'll write a real review later). We hung out until Silicon Dragon and Loan arrived, spent more time hanging out and talking, and then parted ways to hit up Spellbound. I have to admit, I wasn't terribly crazy about the guest DJ - none of us were, in fact. It seems that the first thing he did after taking position behind the sound system was turn the volume all the way up and keep it there for most of the night, in direct contravention of one of the reasons I actually go to Spellbound (namely, the fact that one can still hold a conversation over the music). We wound up leaving around 0100 this morning to head for home and get some sleep, as a result. A number of photographs were taken last night, which I'll probably link to as soon as Lowmagnet puts them up.

Okay, I'm now incoherent and need to get to bed. More when my brain comes back online.