Howard Gobioff - 1971-2008 c.e. - Requisat en pace.

12 March 2008

I just found out that an old buddy of mine from the Pittsburgh goth scene, Howard Gobioff, died of lymphoma today after a protracted battle.

I lost track of Howard after he graduated from CMU in 1999 and moved away from Pittsburgh not long before I left IUP. Hell, I was at his going-away party that night. It seems that he made good, and I'm really proud of him: Employee #40 at Google, a key engineer on the Google File System project, and generally all over the place.

They're having a memorial for him at Ceremony.

I hope that you accomplished everything you were here to do - you were still young, which is why I kind of think that you did. Now you're older than all of us. I'll light a candle for you.

See you beyond the edge of Time.