Improvised explosive device goes off in Times Square. NYC residents nonplussed.

Early today someone threw an improvised bomb at a US military recruiting station, whereupon it went off some time later and caused minimal damage to the structure. Witnesses watched an unknown man on a bicycle ride by and throw the device, housed in a green ammunition box probably purchased on the surplus market, at the building. The New York City bomb squad reports that the device was technically classed as a low explosive, which means that technically it didn't burn fast enough to really be considered an explosion. The device was made using black or blasting powder they say, which strongly supports this assertion. New York City, to its credit, had everything under control before morning rush hour. Interestingly, and I haven't seen much word about this in the news, this isn't the first time that it's happened; this is the third time in as many years and someone's set off a small explosive device in the heart of New York City. Specifically, two such devices were thrown at the Mexican consulate, and two were thrown at the British consulate during those incidents.

Thankfully, no one was hurt and property damage was minimal.