State of the Time Lord.

Well, I'm mostly up and around these days. I'm writing this from my office at work, after braving the ice storm that's buried DC under sheets and sheets of the slick, shiny, scaly ice that's been causing automobile crashes and knocking out power and traffic lights for the past day or so. It started late on Monday night, I'm given to understand (I'd been to the doctor's office earlier in the day and it was actually pretty nice on Monday afternoon), slacked off a bit yesterday, and then really hit us hard last night. I discovered this during my attempt to get to the drugstore last night, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

My physician uncovered the reason that my ears were so badly plugged up on Monday, along with the reasons that my sense of balance had been screwed up and the intermittent pain. A quick peek inside my ears showed that there had been quite a bit of fluid buildup due to the damage my middle ears had sustained. As near as we could reconstruct from the events of last week, the irritation to the mucus membranes due to the cold/flu/whatever the hell it was, plus the rapid and frequent changes in air pressure, on top of having stopped up eustachian tubes (and probably the violent hacking cough I've had ever since Friday) resulted in pinprick hemorrhages breaking out in my middle ears. What my doctor saw in there was not pus or cloudy interstital fluid (which you'd see as a result of an ear infection) but blood. My physician put me on prednisone to take the swelling down, and help my body break up the blood clots, which has done a great deal of good since Monday afternoon, let me tell you. Unfortunately it's done nothing for the hacking cough that's kept both Lyssa and I up all night for the past few days.

This closes the loop in time neatly by bringing us back to last night at the height of the ice storm. I didn't know that my car was iced over when the coughing fit started that nearly knocked me flat. So, I got dressed, headed outside, prised the driver's side door open, and turned the engine over to warm up. I then grabbed the ice scraper out of the back seat and set about clearing the windscreen and windows, and it dawned on me that I was eventually doing more coughing than scraping. In fact, I found myself doubled over one or twice last night. I guess it was pretty bad because my downstairs neighbors heard me and came out to investigate. They were kind enough to drive me to CVS so I could consult with the pharmacist on duty and find a cough suppressant that wouldn't cross-react with the prednisone I'm on and then drove me home. On the way, we exchanged phone numbers - if I need any help, they promised, I can call them.

I'm going to leave them a thank-you note for last night. They really saved my bacon.

This brings things back up to this morning, and wraps up a post neatly, and just after I finished my morning coffee. Neat, that.