Cisco ups the ante on data networking once again.

Yesterday Cisco announced its new product, the Nexus 7000 network switch, which will be their highest-end data switch to date. Attempting to push the state of the art in buzzwords (Web 3.0 already?), the Nexus 7k switch is designed to shuffle packets to the tune of... you know, the article isn't really clear. Marketwatch's news article doesn't give the reader any hard values because it's geared more for management types rather than techies in the trenches. Instead, there are passages like "would be able to copy all the searchable data on the Internet in 7.5 seconds" and "download 90,000 Netflix movies in less than 40 seconds", which doesn't really mean anything if you know anything about networking (hint: the bottleneck here is not the switch but the speed and latency of the links running through it). A more useful article at CNN gives hard information about three quarters of the way through the text: The Nexus 7k is supposed to be able to move data at a speed of 15 terabits per second, and uses a new operating system called the Nexus Operating System (NX-OS) rather than Cisco's traditional IOS.

Opening price: $75,000us

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to spend your paycheques on new certifications.