Приветствия, камрад! Полностью ваш icecap прина

Just a couple of days after the New Year started, researchers from the United States and Norway set out across Antarctica to move the South Pole - literally, because the red-and-white barber pole that marks the geographic southern pole of the planet had shifted because the ice sheet it's planted in constantly drifts toward the ocean. To their surprise and amazement, the team was greeted by something entirely unexpected: A large bust of Lenin left by Soviet researchers in 1958. Way back when, they built a small research station there and when they decamped the Russian scientists left the statue of Lenin's head and upper body behind, facing toward Moscow. While the cabin itself is buried beneath snow and ice, the cabin's chimney now protrudes through the show. Lenin's bust is fastened to the top of the chimney, which is why it is now exposed.

In case anyone's curious, the ICBM co-ordinates of the old Soviet research station are thus: 82 degrees, 6 minutes south; 54 degrees, 58 minutes east; 3718 meters above sea level (roughly).