Unauthorized use of communications satellites for propaganda bombing.

Apr 13 2007

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, also known as the Tamil Tigers, is a group of rebels active in the country of Sri Lanka who demand the formation of a separate state for the Tamil majority in the northern and eastern regions of Sri Lanka, or a terrorist group, depending on who you talk to about them. They're pretty nasty customers as sepratist movements go, even having separate strike and black ops teams. They also have an unusual degree of technological sophistication - they have their own television station, a bank, a customs service, and it's been discovered that they can zip satellite feeds to inject their own media. As near as anyone can tell they've figured out how to authenticate to an Intelsat and are using it (by way of an unused transponder channel) to broadcast their own television and radio content, which gives their media unit much wider coverage than before. Intelsat says that reconfiguring the comsat is going to take time because it's a very delicate task.

Not surprisingly, the US government is worried that Al Quaida is going to attack the United States with the same technology, sort of like they were worried that hackers could move satellites around with their BBSes back in the 1980's. Maybe they've got their own space program and they're converting comsats into orbital mind control lasers or something...