A blast from the past: Heathkit is back!

Dec 27 2007

Children of the 80's will no doubt remember the company Heathkit, which was famous for selling all sorts of kits for the hobbyist, most notably a personal robot called HERO-1. They're still not down and out after all these years - in fact, they're going to be selling another personal robot kit called HE-RObot which will be based on industry-standard Wintel hardware. An advance release of the specs shows that HE-RObot's processor cores will be Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs on a mini-ITX mainboard, 80GB hard drive, USB-based machine management system (whatever that is), CD-ROM drive, multiple infrared sensors, a webcam, and remote control capabilities. HE-RObot will run Windows XP Pro as its OS, but you can bet that'll change in a hurry once they go into release (projected to be in the first quarter of 2008).

As one of those 80's kids with fond dreams of hacking code for the HERO-1 way back when (which never came to pass), this makes me sit up and start drooling. Besides, you just know that I'd be tricking mine out with synthesized voice samples from a certain video game from my youth...