Judge rules that Torrentspy destroyed evidence.

The BitTorrent tracker search engine Torrentspy, which has been coming under fire increasingly in the past few months has taken a shot broadside, leaving the future of the site uncertain. A federal judge in the state of California ruled that the admins of the site lied under oath and destroyed evidence demanded by the MPAA for their prosecution. It was asserted that the admins of the forum also run by the search engine edited posts to conceal the subject matter and set up hidden forums for the discussion of privacy once it became clear that they were under scrutiny. The admins of the site also lied when they stated that they could not log the IP addresses of users; in fact, once the excrement hit the air circulation mechanism they stopped logging entirely, and later blocked users with IP addresses within the US grid (not that this really stopped anyone). The net result was that Torrentspy was trying to screw the MPAA over and they got caught doing so. As for what will happen to the site, it'll probably be shut down in a couple of months, only to clear the way for another half-dozen or so BitTorrent tracker search engines (there are already a few new ones).