This brightens my day somewhat.

29 November 2007

Information Society's going on tour in 2008. Kurt, Paul, and James got back together after the release of Synthesizer and they're hitting the road. Word on the street has it that they'll be playing songs from all of their albums, and I do mean all of them. If rumour's to be believed, they might even play a song or two from their very early albums from the mid-1980's, like Creatures of Influence.

Geekgasm. Pure geekgasm.

Lyssa and I have already bought tickets to the Philadelphia show on 5 January 2008. Interestingly, the schedule at Dancing Ferret (great job signing InSoc, Patrick) says that they'll be filming for a DVD release of some kind at that show. Could this mean that we'll finally get official recordings of concert footage and (hopefully) their music videos? Only time will tell.

As if that weren't enough, I've been keeping this particular tidbit of news under my hat until after the official announcement was made by Saloncon's staff: The musical guest for 2008 will be the steampunk band Abney Park.

Yes, that maniacal shrieking you heard about two weeks ago was me squeeing with delight.