*groan* *wheeze* *hiss* *wheeze* *bworrrrrrp.... THUD!*

Short, sweet, and to the point because I"ve been out of touch for somewhere in the neighborhood of a week now. Also because I'm tired, jetlagged, and fighting back a nasty headache that seems to want to reduce my forebrain to a 386.

Last Wednesday night, Lyssa and I drove back to Pennsylvania to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with her family. We spent part of Friday with my folks after several misadventures in trying to find an open bank in the North Hills on Black Friday. We parted company briefly on Saturday, and I traveled back to PIttsburgh to visit my family on Saturday. While there, I retrieved a box of components for a long overdue project, sent the equivalent of a lawnbag full of old clothes to the local Goodwill, and returned with an artificial Yule tree and some clothes that a) I can still fit into, and b) couldn't bear to part with. On Saturday night I spent the evening at my usual table at Eat and Park on McKnight Road with 'lex Pendragon and caught up on old times while drinking far too much coffee.

We left early on Sunday for home, and arrived shortly before 1200 EST. I slept another three hours after unpacking the TARDIS, then got up and set about packing my stuff because I was getting shipped out early the next day. Went out to dinner with Lyssa and Laurelinde that night, and got to enjoy the beer sampler (five mini-pilsner glasses of various small-batch brews) at the restaurant.

I made a couple of fob watch chains which I'm quite proud of. I'll post pictures when I've got it together.

Windbringer's very, very unhappy that he has to run Windows XP for the duration of his project, which I think has something to do with my headache. I've got him booting Puppy Linux off of my brand new four gigabyte USB key, which occupies a place of honor on my fob watch chains. I'm quite pleased with how well the modifications took to the storage chip, too.

Got to fly first class to Austin, Texas courtesy of $contractor{$one_step_above_us}. Forget being the first on and off of the plane, I'm happy that I had enough leg room for a change. This is truly the only way to fly. To compensate, my flight was delayed 45 minutes due to a paperwork snafu somewhere and the 'premium TSA security queue' at Dulles was twice as slow as the usual line.

Bloody huge hotel room with a full-size corner desk. I could use this as a workbench if I had to. Will post pictures of the awesome digs later. Too bad setting the alarm clock's damned near impossible - the instructions on the clock don't work.

So far as I know Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day festivities in DC are still a 'go', but I really need to hear from interested people. Reply to this post, if you will, so that we can plan better`?

My head's killing me. Off to bed.