Were they looking for terrorists or a Grateful Dead concert?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is so hot to uncover dastardly plots of domestic terrorism in this country that, for at time at least, they were mining such fields of data as who bought what from middle eastern grocery stores to determine who might be a religious extremist and terrorist. Yep - they thought sales of falafel might help them generate the results that they're pressured to produce for the people on high. Thankfully, common sense prevailed (did they hire a four year old to check their logic or something?) and they spiked the plan in 2006. The article makes a point that is probably not going to get the airtime it deserves, and that is that many of the Iranians living in California have been there since 1979, when they left Iran after the Shah (who was friendly toward the United States) was overthrown. Not exactly the sort of people who would cause trouble in their new home one would think, though to play devil's advocate for a moment there would probably be one or two people who switched 'sides' (as They're fond of saying) if you look at things from a statistical perspective.

Makes you wonder what else our tax dollars are going to, doesn't it?