Sorry 'bout the downtime, folks.

A good bit of yesterday was spent monitoring Leandra as she upgraded her systemware and applications, which amounted to watching the output of various compilation batches (thank you, Portage) and making sure that nothing went horribly wrong. However, something did, in the form of a major change between revisions of the Apache web server, which had the net effect of making all of the config files obsolete and unusable. I discovered it last night while watching Leandra boot back up, but was too tired after work to do anything about it.

It appears that service is restored to all of the hosted sites (especially after recompiling PHP) and restarting the web server. If something's broken, please let me know.

And now, here are some updates to my .plan file. Some of the quotes are probably not safe for work, as usual.

One of these days I'll get the next batch of photographs up, as well as another "what I did last weekend" essay.