If anyone else did this, they'd have been fired faster than you can blink.

One Jerry Miller, head of the payroll team for the Administrative Knowledge System project of the Ohio Department of Administrative Services screwed up in a pretty major way - he let one of his interns take a backup tape containing, among other things, data on better than 130,000 employees of the state of Ohio, former employees and contractors of same, and sundry Ohio residents. Seeing as how it was payroll information, I'll leave it to you to guess what kinds of information were encoded on that tape. The tape was stolen from the back of said intern's car in June of 2007, which begs the question of why he was letting what amounts to a temp deliberately mishandle sensitive information...

Expected cost of mitigating the consequences of the security breach? In the neighborhood of $3mus.

The intern's probably been fired, assuming that $intern's tenue on the project wasn't up when school started up again in September.

Miller's punishment? He lost a week of vacation.

Remuneration and assistance for all the poor sods whose credit histories will probably wind up on a BitTorrent tracker within the next two years? Nada.