Artists hide apartment in mall; Parker Lewis applauds.

Back in 2003, a small group of artists in the state of Rhode Island attempted a daring art hack: They snuck into the Providence Place Mall and hid an apartment in a corner of the parking garage as part of a guerilla documentary they were making on mall life. Michael Townsend and his cohorts, from all reports I've been able to dig up, set up a wall of cinderblocks which blended in with the rest of the structure to hide the 750 square foot chamber. A standard utility door allowed entrance and egress. The interior walls were also plastered and painted, the floor covered with laminated wood, and was furnished about as well as you'd expect a bachelor's apartment to be, down to the home entertainment center and Playstation 2 console. At one point, it was even broken into by people unknown and the Playstation was stolen.

The jig was up when mall security waited for Townsend and associates to return to their lair.

Townsend pleaded no contest to tresspassing and recieved probation and a lifetime ban from the mall.