Bastille Linux domain hijacked by domain squatter; project renamed, relocated.

13 September 2007

Some time on Monday, the Bastille Linux project was notified that someone had hijacked their domain, namely, a domain squatter named Mykhaylo Perebiynis who is willing to return use of the domain name for the paltry sum of $10kus. The official announcement can be read here. However, because the Bastille security system has been running on more than just Linux for a few years now (vis a vis HP-UX and Mac OSX), Jay Beale has decided to rename the project to Bastille Unix and acquire a new domain name while his lawyers fight it out with Perebiynis.

Beale is also circulating the following authentication information for the PGP key that will be used to digitally sign not only official announcements but future releases of Bastille - I've reprinted it here without permission:

pub 1024D/03C52606 2006-12-01
Key fingerprint = B1E1 F7AE 6DAF 5943 BCFA 3143 40B8 85EC 03C5 2606
uid Jay Beale (Jay Intelguardians Key Generated 12/2006)
sub 2048g/26597FF5 2006-12-01