The Pixies almost had it right.

12 September 2007

Yesterday wasn't so much a wave of mutilation as it was a stormfront of WTF sweeping across the land. While I can't really put my finger on any one trigger event that caused yesterday to go west in a serious way, I can outline more or less what happened. First off, the hard drive in my workstation at the office decided to pack it in while I was working on something, which turned the rest of the day into a mad dash to find a new drive and rescue everything that I could. Finding a replacement drive took somewhere around two hours, and most of that was spent waiting for my boss to confirm that yes, I could repartition and reformat the drive and no, there really wasn't anything important on the disk. All things considered it wasn't actually difficult to rescue the OS (and hopefully most of the data from my home directory), just time consuming because the original drive kept shutting down and spinning back up in a cycle of automatic resets. Still, this took the better part of the day. I'm not quite sure why, but my body pretty much ran out of energy by the time I finally got home last night. Just driving Lyssa to dance class left me wanting to curl up in a corner and sleep for a couple of hours - in fact, I did just that for a half-hour or so when I got home.

That nap was just enough to get me back to the studio, get Lyssa, and then go to the grocery store to pick up the last few bits for chicken soup last night. Lyssa didn't have so hot a day yesterday either, after dealing with unreasonable clients and situations on the other end of the hotline to Hell called tech support. At some point yesterday afternoon, I'm not entirely sure when, Laurelinde arrived to have dinner with us - she was nice enough to tend the chicken soup while I slept and Lyssa was out.

I think I finally passed out around 2200 EST5EDT yesterday, and slept clear through until 0630 this morning. I didn't get any cleaning done, didn't back up any of the data I need, didn't even move anything around in the library. You know what? I don't much care. I don't know what it was that wore me out, but I do know that I needed that eight hours or so of sleep to get back on top of my game. I've still got time to work on everything, from finishing repairs on Windbringer (who recently fell victim to a design flaw in the Inspiron 700m) to getting some practice time in for Saloncon in two weeks.

Then, this morning, I discovered that Laurelinde had spent the night last night because she'd been knocked over with a migraine and was recovering enough to drive home at some point today.

I really hope that the rest of the week goes more smoothly than yesterday did.