The Wachowski brothers are at it again, and it's going to be a doozy.

The Wachowski brothers, who made their names in Hollywood with the Matrix trilogy, are bringing the classic anime Speed Racer to the silver screen as a live action movie with a projected release date of 9 May 2008. True to form, they're pushing the envelope of video technology yet again with a new digital video camera that will keep the entire frame in focus at all times, giving the same visual style that you would see if you were watching a cartoon.

Go ahead. Watch a movie, then watch a cartoon, and compare the relative sizes and distances in each screen-scene. I'll wait.

Susan Sarandon will be playing Mom; John Goodman is playing Pops Racer; Christina Ricci is playing Trixie; and Emile Hirsch is playing Greg "Speed" Racer. IMDB has more information over here.

It seems that major plot points will have to do with corruption in sports and illegal gambling to increase the profits of a select few. No social commentary there. Looking at the character names, they're trying to keep it as close as possible to the American translation of the original anime series, which is going to keep the attention of little ones in the theatres and will give the rest of us a few chuckles as we fondly remember the early 1980's.

First Transformers and now this... yeah, I'll be there. I used to be a huge fan of Speed Racer when I was little.

As always, time will tell how good a movie it'll turn out to be.