Alberto Gonzalez resigns!

It's finally been made official: As of the end of August 2007, Alberto Gonzalez will no longer be attorney general of the United States of America. Rumors leaked out last week but official press releases have hit the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. It's been said that he phoned up George W. Bush and resigned via telephone, probably while en route back to the state of Texas. A replacement has not yet been chosen, but given how Bush operates he already has someone lined up and ready to install. It's a little like Patch Tuesday in how political appointees are queued up these days. Gonzalez has been drawing heat since the get-go for, well, just about everything he's been involved in, but up until last week he'd been sticking it out in his position like anyone assured that nothing can go wrong for them, even after the recent Congressional inquiries in which most everyone put on the stand stonewalled them with the words "Executive Privilege."

To Mr. Gonzalez, I can only say this: Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out, and hope that your friendly neighborhood sysadmins weren't backing up anyone's e-mail.