Restaurant review: Bombay Masala

Earlier this evening, one of my cow-orkers and I decided to try a restaurant a bit closer to our hotel. Off and on all last week, we kept seeing the Bombay Masala (8825 Greenbelt Road; Greenbelt, MD 20770; phone 301-552-1600) in a nearby strip mall, but hadn't had a chance to pay it a visit for dinner or lunch, partially due to the size of the group that usually went. But, this was one of those nights in which everybody else was off doing something different, so deciding where to go was a simple matter.

The Bombay Masala is a small restaurant as they go, a virtual hole in the wall in the middle of the parking lot of the local shopping complex. It wasn't very crowded when we were there but the waitstaff kept an eye on us and brought out food as soon as they saw an opening in the conversation. The samosas I'd ordered for an appetizer were piping hot and difficult to hold, much less eat when they hit the table. The vegetable pakora was also tasty, though I don't know how much of it was actually vegetable. M- and I pondered them for a while, and decided that they were more potato and cheese than anything else. Still, they were far from disagreeable. I thought the matter paneer a bit on the bland side but the texture more than made up for it. I must admit, the lamb palak was very impressive - it was tender, grilled to perfection, and had its own taste in addition to that of the marinade. As if that weren't enough, the onion kulcha, for a change, tasted like onions as well as having their texture - a first for indian food in Maryland!

I give the Bombay Masala one and one-half flareguns out of a possible four - the service was a little bit slow (still, better than what we've been getting lately) but well worth the wait. Stop in if you like indian food. I'll definitely be paying them another visit while I'm out there.