Kite Day 2007, and other things.

05 August 2007

Yesterday afternoon, downtown Washington, DC saw a number of brightly coloured rainbow kites of all shapes and sizes added to it sky for LGBT Kite Day 2007, the local LGBT community's way of tugging on the sleeve of the people in power to remind them that we're here, we pay our taxes, and we vote.

Because I just about pulled an all-nighter Friday night I wound up sleeping until 1100 EST5EDT on Saturday morning, so I didn't get the early start that I hoped to have. In fact, I left the apartment shortly after noon local time and hiked to the Metro station to catch a train headed downtown. This should have been my first sign that Saturday was going to be a rough one - the air temperature outside started at 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and peaked somewhere around 100 degrees yesterday afternoon. On top of that, I had a hell of a time finding the meetup site on the ground because the area surrounding the Washington Monument is big. Very big, and easy to get lost in. As if that weren't enough, I had a hell of a time finding anyone who could direct me in the right direction, so I wound up wandering around for the better part of an hour looking for any signs of kites in the air, Hasufin, Mika, or anyone else.

I eventually found the right direction and saw a single kite in the air... and lots of very smart people sitting in the shade underneath the trees waiting for the wind to pick up and the heat to die down a little. Mika was taking a break and hiding out under a tree because, frankly, it was bloody hot outside. I think that I was walking on the far side of heatstroke for most of the day, and drank somewhere in the neighborhood of six bottles of cold water to stay hydrated through the afternoon, plus what I had when I got home. I also had a nasty headache that lasted well into the night last night that seems to have run its course. At any rate, we hung out for a while and talked because I've been in the field for the past week, and thus haven't been to the Mad Scientist Coffee Klatch for a while. Butterfly and Mark were also there, along with not a few people that I hadn't met before. All told, we had a respectable draw of 30 people for a first-time event, something that I'm quite proud of.

I managed to get a few kites in the air off and on throughout the afternoon, not bad for beginner's luck. The trick seems to be putting a Coast to Coast AM than a writeup of Kite Day. Aside from a few children looking at the pretty kites and watching people blow soap bubbles, nobody really stopped to ask us about what we were doing; there wasn't any coverage of Kite Day.

In other news (maybe going back to my old format will help shake me out of this too-busy-to-write-properly funk I'm in), the Zonageek blog has an article on hollowing out a Moleskin notebook to hold a laptop hard drive to make an external case for it. I think this is a really nifty idea, and I might try it in the near future. It definitely adds some class to carrying around a backup drive.

Also, Paul Robb's chip-hop side project Think Tank has released a new album entitled Diabolical! which is only available on the Net at this time. I personally advocate buying it from the page because they do not use DRM to encrypt the .mp3 files. I have a 30 track per month subscription from, and it's well worth the $10us per month.