Damn, it's good to be a gangsta.

05 August 2007

I'm back in Maryland on week two of (possibly two, possibly three) of my field assignment. I'm in another hotel in the same general vicinity as before and approaching dead tired after a long weekend of hot weather, running around, and pulling all nighters of one sort or another. I was running rather late today because I had a number of errands to run, which I took care of before starting the laundry, but now it's academic because it all worked out. Thankfully, the headache and aftermath of heatstroke last night went away while I slept, so I woke up feeling surprisingly good and well-rested. Looking at the current local time, I really should get to bed myself to get some rest for a long day tomorrow.

If nothing else, it's nice to be a in a slightly larger room than before with both wireless and hardwired net.access, so I can easily work from the bed instead of the standard issue desk in the corner. There is also a fridge and a microwave in the room, which is a major upgrade from before. The bed is much larger than the one at home, which I relish because I can sprawl out without trouble.

Lyssa got three more piercings yesterday while she was out with Laurelinde - another pair of hoops in her ears (with very tiny rings) and a cartilage piercing near the top of her right ear. She looks great with the extra hardware.. when everything heals, I'm going to try sticking small magnets to the rings to hang stuff from.

In other news, Sci-Fi really did cancel the Dresden Files. There went my last reason for watching television.

The US House of Representatives signed a bill that expands the warrantless wiretapping laws yet again, amidst considerable protest from the rest of the country. More and more it becomes apparent that They aren't listening to the people who theoretically elected them to their posts.

Okay, enough of my pretending to be fully coherent right now. I'm off to bed. More as time permits.