An open letter to the NASCAR-wannabes of Washington, DC.

01 August 2007

Dear jackasses drag racing on the highway a fraction of a block away from my hotel:

Please stop driving like you're trying out for NASCAR. Yes, you've probably sunk a couple of thousand dollars American into your cars. The rest of us don't care. You don't seem to understand that the purpose of a muffler on a vehicle's exhaust system is to quiet the noise that your vehicle's engine makes. Your cars don't sound more powerful, they sound like they need a trip to the garage because they're malfunctioning. If you continue weaving in and out of traffic like you're playing a video game, the police will track you by the waste noise your vehicles produce. You also run the risk of wrecking at high speed and injuring a lot of people who don't need victimized by your idiocy if you fuck up while driving like maniacs.


The Doctor