Funeral's over, and I'm back in DC.

29 July 2007

I don't have a lot of time right now, so I'll give everyone the highlights:

Lyssa and I got back from Pennsylvania around 0000 EST5EDT this morning. Grandma Pat's funeral went smoothly, the wake was small (as wakes go) and reasonably uneventful. I wound up sleeping through most of it because I was still dead tired from driving all Friday night up to Pennsylvania after work, got up early to get ready and dressed, and attend the memorial service. We left around 1845 EST5EDT on Saturday night and, after driving through one of the nastiest rainstorms to hit the tri-state area this month, got home safe and sound. I slept for a good ten hours after getting home.

This evening, i had to drive elsewhere yet again - I'm in the field for work and staying in a hotel for the week.

Will write more when I get time, probably tomorrow night.