NASA project for the International Space Station sabotaged.

A couple of days ago it was discovered by NASA that someone had sabotaged a hardware upgrade destined for the International Space Station. Specifically, someone cut the wiring inside of a sensor package designed to monitor physical stress upon the ISS' superstructure and relay the data back to Mission Control. While being able to keep an eye on the overall status of the space station would be a good thing, it's unlikely that it would have directly placed the crew in harm's way, barring unforseen circumstances. The sabotage was first discovered in a test unit in the lab; a subsequent check of the module that was due to be loaded aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour showed the same kind of damage. At this time, the identities of the culprits are unknown, and if they're not internal security is keeping them a closely guarded secret. NASA says that repairs will not take long, and the replacement monitoring system will be sent up on the shuttle as scheduled.