Yeah, yeah, I know...

18 June 2007

I still have to write about the rest of Thresholds, going to see Daywatch, and on Sunday night going to The True Colors Tour to see the Dresden Dolls and Cyndi Lauper perform. There's a lot going on right now; story of my lives for the past month or so, in fact.

But I still want to write about something, so I'm going to get out my war jacket and write about the Tor Hidden Wiki vanishing. The Tor Hidden Wiki was a site hidden somewhere on the Tor darknet. Nobody knows who ran it or where it was located. if one were inclined, one could make an educated guess that some of the people directly involved with the project put it up, seeing as how it was directly linked off of their website. All that the people who are talking know is that it was one of the first places where people could post links to other sites on the Tor darknet. it just up and disappeared about two weeks ago, no warning, no reason given that I know of. However, we now have a problem: Where can we get links into the Tor net? One of the reasons that wiki engines are so popular on the Tor net is because anyone can edit anything on those pages (in these cases, without needing login credentials), and this makes them ideal for posting links while staying anonymous.

Well, I have some bookmarks put away from my travels on this particular network. I won't claim to have many, or even all of them, but I've got some. Hell, I can't even claim that you'll be able to reach them all the time, what with the vagaries of latency on a network that you can't even see.

Oh, and there's probably a goodly amount of not-safe-for-work stuff here. If you have any doubt, don't click any of these links.

Of course, you'll need a web browser configured to use a local copy of Tor and Privoxy to hit these links. I have no control over the content on these sites; don't advocate or agree with what they say; I'm not responsible for anything they say. Use at your own risk. It's not my fault if something bad happens. Some stuff may be illegal in your locale. Some of these links might die, in which case I'll have to put up another post. Et cetera, et cetera.

Okay. Enough disclaimers.

Remember: If there's only one copy, make a backup, just in case.