This could make me go back to using desktop cases.

14 June 2007

The retrocomputing enthusiasts over at are developing a desktop case that I really, really would like to get my hands on after they start producing them: It looks like the chassis of an Altair 8800, from the late 1970's. That's right, the very first 'personal' computer, complete with LEDs and toggle switches on the front panel. It's an ATX style case with a power supply that can drive up to a Pentium-4 system, and has enough quiet cooling to keep it from catching on fire. The drive bays are hidden behind the front panel, which has its own microcontroller driving the LEDs. You can either let it run through a number of "I look really technical and thus important" demos ala Jurassic Park or TekWar, or you can plug the microcontroller into a USB port and program it with serial emulation software.