New York has fallen! DC is under seige!

13 June 2007

I don't know how much time I have to write this.. I can hear them outside, pounding against the brick and steel. The staircase of my apartment building rings with shambing footsteps and the sound of.. things.. hitting the floor and bouncing downward. The sick little child inside me wonders if they're rotting body parts coming loose. The wards I've spun around the doors and windows will hold, at least for now. A hastily constructed reactor supplies sufficient power to keep them out, but it's fragile. My neighbors, mostly religious folks, are wondering what all of the glyphs and Hebrew inscriptions mean, but I don't have time to explain.

We don't have much in the way of supplies, and the little ones are in a bad way. Two year old Madhavi was sick before the zombies came, and her medication is in her parents' apartment one floor down. It may as well be miles away, for venturing outside of this apartment would mean certain death. A fast death, if we'd be so lucky.

Via shortwave, I'm keeping in touch with a small cadre of survivors in New York City that have barricaded themselves in the remains of Club Albion, which closed its doors scants days previous. They've managed to board up the lower floors of the structure and have added additional barricades to seal themselves on the second floor, just past the security booth. It's amazing, how far you can transmit on two or three watts of power.

As for those of us in the apartment complex, we'd parked our cars across the steps and in front of the doors of the buildings to block them. Thankfully, those Things outside have difficulty climbing high enough to break windows and gain entry.

I've just recieved a communique' from Lyssa, two counties over. The zombies have advanced as far as the Northrup-Grummon industrial complex. Local security has been issued live arms, and they're doing the best they can to hold off the invasion. She tells me that they've just discovered that head shots are the only way to put Them down. At this time, she's going through the janitors' closets and collecting cleaning chemicals with which to improvise explosive charges. Prior to this, she and two co-workers broke out some windows on the tenth floor of the building and dropped a number of steel desks onto the advancing hordes of zombies, crushing them flat.