They're going to try it again...

07 June 2007

Once again, the movie industry in the US is attempting to adapt William Gibson's novel Neuromancer to the silver screen. This was attempted once before, and all I need to say on the topic is this: It went horribly. If you're really interested in what happened back in 1988, it's out there on the Net, and you can search it out yourselves.

I have only four words to say to the announced creative team of producer Peter Hoffman and director Joseph Kahn:

Don't fuck this up.

The projected release date is sometime in 2009, and there are precious few details available at this time. It looks like they're going the indie route with this project because Hollywood-at-large hasn't done anything good with Gibson's work: Neuromancer tanked the first time 'round, Count Zero/Zen Differential never materialized, and Johnny Mnemonic was... okay.. for what it was. About the only attempt that actually worked (and I know that I'm going to catch hell for this) was New Rose Hotel, which didn't make it into theatres so far as I know and is actually kind of difficult to find on DVD. However, it translated very well from the original text, which was largely in the form of recollections and film noir-style mental dialogue. If nothing else, the indie filmmakers hopefully won't be forced to add a lot of extraneous stuff to the storyline and screw it up.