Life in a nutshell at the moment.

06 June 2007

As you've probably guessed, I've been too busy to write at the moment because there are a lot of things happening.

This weekend past, Lyssa and I were going crazy getting the apartment torn apart, cleaned, and put back together in time for Heron61 and Teaotter to fly in from Portland to visit us this week. As one might expect, this was a nontrivial exercise, and involved disconnecting many things, moving them, running the vacuum cleaner, moving them back into place, and starting them back up. This also meant running around to acquire foodstuffs to make dinner for everyone on Tuesday night - Alton Brown's city ham recipe, to be exact, which is always a hit when company comes over.

My capacity for bending time astounds even me sometimes: Not only did my order from the Victorian Trading Company arrive yesterday afternoon, but so did the queen-sized Aerobed that they would be sleeping on last night. It arrived in plenty of time to be of use to everyone. More's the point, it was even designed to pack up neatly, by folding into thirds after opening a very large exhaust valve at the far end of the mattress. Putting it up and taking it down take at most a total of five minutes.

As a side effect, they accidentally shipped a black cotton riding skirt with my Victorian Trading Company order. It's a little long for Lyssa, but it could be taken up a bit. I haven't tried it on yet, so I don't know how well it fits me.

It seems that Lucien, the Network's primary e-mail server, is still, in fact, on his last legs. He shut down again early yesterday morning, probably due to overheating. I'm going to have to acquire a chassis for Leandra's old hardware so that I can start assembling a replacement SMTP server very soon, probably before we trek out to Walking the Thresholds this upcoming weekend. I don't yet know how I'm going to transfer all of the mail spools over, but I'll think of something.

Walking the Thresholds will be held at the Four Quarters Farm this weekend. Lyssa, Heron, and I will be going up on Friday after work.. Laurelinde and N- stopped by yesterday afternoon to pick up Teaotter and their stuff because they'll be going up early. Here's hoping that we get decent directions this time, because I really don't want to get lost for an extra four hours in the boonies of Pennsylvania while we search for the main gate of the farm. As it is now, we don't have anything packed and still have to make a few trips to the store to stock up on stuff.

That reminds me.. I still have to get my presentation together and coordinate with everyone else for the main rite. Looks like I'll be running short of sleep for a few more days... and I need to get the precis off to Helen to add to the gather's website. Speaking of running low on sleep, I got back a little less than an hour ago with Heron and Lyssa from Konami, our favourite sushi restaurant. It might have been everything going on at work lately, it might have been drinking rather a lot of hot green tea on an otherwise empty stomach, it might have been the relative lack of sleep (which I've tried to catch up on by sleeping in this morning).. for all I know, something might have been amiss in the Konami roll I ordered, but I wound up very ill at the restaurant last night, which sapped most of my reserves. In hindsight, I vaguely remember bowling over the guy who was cleaning the bathroom as I kicked the door in on my way to the stall, and I really should go back and apologise. In my defense, at least I ran him over and didn't throw up on him.

Yes, I was 'very ill' in the sense that a half-dozen internal alarms went off by the time I'd had two pieces of the Konami roll, and I dashed for the bathroom before I was violently sick in unsubtle ways. That was probably the first time that I didn't think I'd make it to the toilet, but I'll take a fraction of a second in my favour any day of the month. Thankfully I managed to minimize the mess I made, but it still left me feeling exhausted and worn out, and not really up to doing much of anything for the rest of the night.

Neither Lyssa nor Heron felt any ill effects from their orders (which were also sushi-heavy), so I'm inclined to think that it was just me and not the food. I don't want to bash Konami, which is one of the few good sushi restaurants in NOVA and which I'll definitely be going back to and still recommend highly, even though somthing was wonky inside me.

We spent the remainder of the night hanging out with Orthaevelve and Jason in our apartment and catching up because we've been really busy lately. Orthaevelve just took her state of Virginia EMT practical exams and needed some time to decompress, and it was good having her over. I wound up hanging out on the balcony with Jason and Heron while we talked about various writing projects that we've had going on and work.

I got up around 0700 EST5EDT to drive Lyssa to the Metro station this morning, hit CVS to get some more shampoo to restock the bathroom, and then went back to bed for another four hours or so to finish recuperating after last night. I still have a bit of a headache, which I suspect will go away with breakfast and a cup or two of coffee, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be okay.