Notorious spammer arrested!

01 June 2007

Well-known and little-loved spammer Robert Soloway ws arrested by US law enforcement for multiple violations of federal law, including mail, wire, and e-mail fraud, as well as money laundering. It wouldn't surprise me if they got him on violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act because he was actively taking over workstations across the Net to add to his botnet of spam clients, but somehow I think the fraud charges are going to be more effective. Soloway was once near the top of Spamhaus Project's 10 Ten Most Wanted list, but a couple of lawsuits in the past few years took a little of the wind out of his sails. Microsoft won a civil judgement against him to the tune of $7mus, and an ISP in the state of Oklahoma won a $10mus judgement against him shortly therafter.

Unfortunately, none of the big anti-spam outfits have noticed any real dip in the volume of spam since his arrest.