It looks like The Dresden Files will be released on DVD this summer.

16 May 2007

Lionsgate Home Video has announced that it'll be releasing a DVD boxed set of the Sci-Fi Channel's original show, The Dresden Files (based on the novels of the same name by Jim Butcher). Season one is slated for release on 7 August 2007 and has some very interesting features planned, including the movie-length version of Storm Front (which was originally supposed to be the pilot), audio commentaries for at least two episodes (Robert Wolfe says that he recorded commentaries with Paul Blackthorne for Things That Go Bump and Rules of Engagement), and the usual collection of deleted scenes.

The suggested retail price will be in the neighborhood of $40us. The official pre-order date is 11 July 2007, though supposedly you can get orders in earlier than this. To that end, I did some poking around on Amazon, but they don't have it listed yet.