Holy shit, he finally pulled it off!

16 May 2007

College professor and performance artist Stelarc has been talking about performing an experiment for years, namely, finding a plastic surgeon who would fabricate for him a third ear out of his own flesh. The problem, he said when I spoke to him about it a number of years ago, was finding a plastic surgeon who would have no trouble designing and implanting the prosthesis, when in fact plastic surgeons make all sorts of modifications to people every day, such as increasing and decreasing the sizes of breasts.

He's finally pulled it off. It's now protruding from the inside of his left forearm, though it needs a bit more work to look more like a normal human ear.

The next step is even more unusual (as if a college professor with a biosculpted ear sticking out of his arm wasn't enough) - he's designing a wireless microphone that will fit into what would be the ear canal of his third ear that will link to a computer hooked into the Net via the Bluetooth protocol so that anyone can listen to an audio stream of what's going on around him at any moment.