That's something that I never thought I'd do.

25 April 2007

I proposed to Lyssa Heartsong tonight around 1930 EST5EDT.

We're getting married. We don't know when yet, nor do we have any solid plans, but we're getting married. Here's the timeline as it's been unfolding:

About a year ago, as I mentioned on an earlier revision of my website, Lyssa and I picked out her engagement and wedding rings. Jared's had a nice wedding pair with a kite stone mounting that Lyssa fell in love with, and I'd bought a deep blue sapphire that would fit. At my request, they kept it in their vault for security reasons. About two months ago, the jewelers told me that they no longer carried the setting, so I quietly had them start fabricating one for me. I've kept it under wraps ever since then. I'm sneaky like that, sometimes to my detriment.

I picked it up from Jared's about three weeks ago, and I've been sitting on it, quietly preparing for this moment. Not that I knew exactly when I'd propose to her, but I had a fair to middling idea mixed in with a bunch of scenarios that were unworkable because they were too far off, or required too much preparation to be feasible. As much as I'd have liked to propose at Dragoncon during the Cruxshadows concert immediately after they played Dragonfly, that's in September, which is too long a wait (to say nothing of trying to find a hotel for D*C less than a year in advance). On top of all of that, my time travel-fu is tied up with work right now...

I've been making preparations to propose to her, but with the crazy amounts of stress we've been under lately, I decided to pop the question tonight, out of left field, with no preparation at all.

Lyssa said 'yes'.